D. H. Stark Investigations
The owner of D.H. Stark Investigations is Degg H. Stark.  He is a retired police
sergeant and crime office supervisor from the Sunbury City Police Department,
Northumberland County, PA.

Stark has 25 years of full time law enforcement experience, having served in the
capacities of patrol officer, corporal, detective, crime office supervisor and
sergeant with the Sunbury City Police Department.

Additionally, he served as the Chief of Police in Zerbe Township,
Northumberland County,  before forming D.H. Stark Investigations.

During the course of his police career, Stark has conducted hundreds of
interviews and interrogations and investigated countless felony and
misdemeanor crimes.  His law enforcement career culminated in the filing of over
3,000 criminal charges.

Additionally, Stark is a certificated F.A.A. commercial pilot and flight instructor

rated in single engine land, single engine sea and mutli-engine land airplanes.

You can expect a high level of expertise and competence when dealing with our
agency. Your case is started promptly, thoroughly investigated and we are in
constant communication with our clients as the case progresses. At the
conclusion of the case, client's are provided with a professionally written report,
along with any other evidence gathered in the investigation.    
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